Fire Suppression systems are designed to protect an area where a higher risk of fire may be present or to protect high risk items such as computer servers where a fire could have a major impact on the running of your business. These systems are design to introduce a suppression agent such as gas or mist to suppress the flames and reduce the heat in the room.


There are many different types of systems available that all have a variety of uses, please download our free guide to see what system is best for you  and let us help you to find the right solution for your needs.     ‘Fire Suppression Buying Guide’

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Gas Suppression


We can design, supply and install a variety of gas suppression systems and using our 'Free Fire Suppression Buying Guide' can help you to ensure you have the correct solution for your needs.


Are you aware that all gas charged cylinders are required to be stretched tested and refilled every ten years in line with the British Standards. As a suppression specialist we are able to complete this test for you to ensure your system is fully compliant at all times. 



Watermist Systems produce smaller water droplets compared with other water based systems, this will help to protect your valuable equipment from becoming water damaged.


These systems can run at high or low water pressue rates based on your requierments 


We can conduct all your maintenance checks to ensure the system is operating to its full potential. 

ProActive Fire Solutions
ProActive Fire Solutions

Kitchen Suppression


Restaurant kitchen fires can be devastating to a business and is one of the largest fire risk in a building.


The best way to reduce the risk of fire in this environment is to install a kitchen suppression system which will automatically discharge a chemical agent directly onto the flames and extinguish the fire preventing it from spreading across the building. 

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Automatic Suppression

Fire suppression systems can also be used to protect the smallest of spaces.


Automatic systems use a pressurised tubing which is completely flexible, tough enough to withstand the harshest of conditions and can be run throughout the installation adjacent to identified fire risks. Once a fire burns through the tube a suppression agent is released to suppress the fire.

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