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Having the correct Fire Protection within your property is vital as it can save lives and limit the amount of Fire damage to the property.


Fire Protection includes the equipment in detecting the initial start of a Fire from Heat & Smoke detectors to Fire sounders making occupants aware of the Fire to extinguish the Fire with a suppression system or Fire Extinguisher. 

ProActive Fire Solutions
Once Fire safety equipment has been installed within your property, it is essential that you have it periodically checked in accordance with your legal obligations as a responsible employer.
Ask us today about our great service plans to ensure your systems will work when they are needed.
ProActive Fire Solutions
We can design, supply, install, commission and maintain various Fire safety equipment designed to protect you from specific hazards within your working environment. 
If you are interested in a quote please contact us to help provide you the best solution.
ProActive Fire Solutions
ProActive Fire Solutions maintain many different types of systems in a variety of buildings from schools and colleges to commercial building and manor houses.
Whatever the type of premises, ProActive Fire will give you the best Solution. 
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Under the 'Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 it is mandatory to record all Fire safety tests including all weekly point tests and all regular preventative maintenance checks within a Log Book.


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ProActive Fire Solutions

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ProActive Fire Solutions
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